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Mission, Vision, Beliefs


Kilgore ISD believes it is our responsibility to prepare our students for tomorrow’s opportunities through quality instruction, responsible citizenship, academic achievement, and extracurricular excellence.


Kilgore ISD is committed to providing innovative educational experiences meaningfully designed to challenge, support, and empower our students to achieve their absolute maximum potential within a learning environment grounded in our Bulldog community’s traditions, values, and expectations.


  • Teaching & Learning:

Our school system will ensure that all students will receive meaningful classroom instruction designed to empower students.

  • Engagement:

Our school system will implement engagement plans intended to cultivate a culture of parental and community support and cooperation.

  • Facilities:

Our school system will provide and maintain state-of-the-art facilities that support innovative instructional practice, advanced student performance, and community partnership.

  • Employee Development:

Our school system will recruit, develop, and retain employees whose philosophies and experiences align with those of the district.

  • Funding & Finance:

Our school system will ensure exemplary financial management and maximize funding resources to optimize student achievement and classroom innovation.