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Kilgore ISD Believes In...

  • Teaching & Learning:

Our school system will ensure that all students will receive meaningful classroom instruction designed to empower students.

  • Engagement:

Our school system will implement engagement plans intended to cultivate a culture of parental and community support and cooperation.

  • Facilities:

Our school system will provide and maintain state-of-the-art facilities that support innovative instructional practice, advanced student performance, and community partnership.

  • Employee Development:

Our school system will recruit, develop, and retain employees whose philosophies and experiences align with those of the district.

  • Funding & Finance:

Our school system will ensure exemplary financial management and maximize funding resources to optimize student achievement and classroom innovation.

We are family here at KISD. The people, community and students on these campuses have genuine respect, care and love for one another. I wish everyone could experience being a Bulldog at Kilgore ISD.


Coming home to teach was the best choice I ever made. KISD is a supportive place where I could grow my career. Join KISD. We are #KilgoreProud. You won't be sorry. Come and make it home.

At Kilgore Middle School, I have a leadership team who asks me how I'm doing. I feel safe to share my thoughts and collaborate with them. I love this district, there is no place I'd rather be.

If you ask me why Kilgore, my answer will be this is like HOME. They adopted me when I knew so little and taught me what I now know. I want to help students like me to learn that Kilgore ISD cares and loves them. Kilgore will do everything possible to help you succeed.