The Importance of Play

Do kids ever get bored any more?  With all of the screens, games and devices around ... do kids ever have to come up with ways to combat boredom?  
Makes you wonder about the importance of play.
I spoke with a Kindergarten teacher a few weeks ago about how much students get to play.  She kept stressing that kids simply needed more time to run, jump, stretch, socialize ... and learn.
Later that same day, I spoke to a high school teacher who was concerned that students don't have enough unstructured time to explore different things.  She stressed the need to just explore.  That sounds sort of like play to me.
Dr. Peter Gray gave a great TEDTalk on this issue a few years ago.  He suggested that we (society) have focused too much attention on a school-ish view of child-development -- The important stuff is learned from adults.  That's not wrong or bad ... just not complete.  
There is so much that students learn from simply playing.  Check out his TEDTalk to get more ideas of what play provides.
So ... you're convinced that students need a little more play time?  Why not check out the Global School Day of Play.  It is slated for February 6, 2019.  
Now ... I'm going outside to run, jump, stretch, socialize ... and learn.