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The Importance of Play

Do kids ever get bored any more?  With all of the screens, games and devices around ... do kids ever have to come up with ways to combat boredom?  
Makes you wonder about the importance of play.
I spoke with a Kindergarten teacher a few weeks ago about how much students get to play.  She kept stressing that kids simply needed more time to run, jump, stretch, socialize ... and learn.
Later that same day, I spoke to a high school teacher who was concerned that students don't have enough unstructured time to explore different things.  She stressed the need to just explore.  That sounds sort of like play to me.
Dr. Peter Gray gave a great TEDTalk on this issue a few years ago.  He suggested that we (society) have focused too much attention on a school-ish view of child-development -- The important stuff is learned from adults.  That's not wrong or bad ... just not complete.  
There is so much that students learn from simply playing.  Check out his TEDTalk to get more ideas of what play provides.
So ... you're convinced that students need a little more play time?  Why not check out the Global School Day of Play.  It is slated for February 6, 2019.  
Now ... I'm going outside to run, jump, stretch, socialize ... and learn.  

Teaching Center

Today's top stories from the exciting world of teaching ...
This video simply speaks for itself.

Good Reads: Mission High

Rizga focuses on a "failing" school in San Francisco and how great it is ... In other words, in spite of the test scores this school is doing so much, so well.  So why the disconnect between the NCLB label and the perception of students, teachers and parents?
From the preface:
This book is about this other, messier, mostly qualitative and largely invisible side of the story about public schools in our national debate.  After four years at Mission, I have come to believe that educational reforms won't succeed unless there is greater inclusion of the voices of students and teachers and the use of more complex school-based markers that can give us a much deeper insight into what quality education means and how sustainable change can happen in all struggling schools.
Later in the book, Rizga highlights a math teacher focusing on conceptual math:
He [Taica] is hoping some foundation will choose Mission High for a pilot program in which teachers will have three classes each day and then spend the remainder of the day looking at student work and planning for the next lesson.  "I think the results would be huge, but I'm worried most of the money will go toward computers in every classroom and new textbooks that are aligned with the new Common Core tests."

I am an Educator

Kilgore ISD teachers officially returned to their campuses on August 17.  Of course, anyone who knows teachers will know that they've been hard at work preparing for the school year for weeks and weeks.
Thank you, Teachers!

Extra-Curricular Empowerment

Scott McLeod applauds students that are using technology and Internet resources to share their voices.  He then challenges teachers and school administrators with:  "We do everything we can to get tech in the hands of our kids and then we do everything in our power to prevent them from using it."

Scott's Advice:  "Give them powerful tools.  Get out of their way.  And let them be amazing."


New Web Site

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