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Wall of Distinction

The following distinguished individuals have been honored by a gift or donation to the KISD Education Foundation.  If you would like to honor someone special, visit our Donations page.
 Honoree:  Message: Donated By:
 Susan George        Bob and Maryanne Harris
 Whitney Jones and Bryan George  In honor of their wedding      Tami Willoughby               
Susan George    Kilgore Tire Center
 Terry George    Martin Resource Management
 Susan and Terry George    Geonix
 Susan George   Energy Weldfab
 Von Rhea & Charlene Beane    Mike, Jerry & Bobby Beane
 Susan George    4A Oilfield Enterprises
 Betty Loper  In memory of ...  Janie Edmonds
 Dortha Elliott  In Memory of ...  Janie Edmonds
 Travis Crews  In Memory of ...  Steve and Chris Hancock
 Gary Pool  In Memory of ...  Steve and Chris Hancock