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TRS ActiveCare Health Insurance - Overview and Tools

Aetna is the plan administrator for the TRS-ActiveCare plans. Aetna offers:

  • A variety of plan and network options to suit your individual needs
  • A Health Concierge available by phone for answers and guidance on care and benefits
  • Online services and mobile apps for easy access to health information and tools, wherever you travel.

To get the best view of Aetna resources and plan information, visit 

ActiveCare 1-HD
The ActiveCare 1-HD is the Aetna Choice POS II plan, which works very much like PPO plans. You are free to receive care from any licensed doctor or other health care provider. When you choose providers who belong to Aetna’s network, you will pay less out of your own pocket for covered services.
ActiveCare Select
The ActiveCare Select plan is a network-only plan. You must use providers in your dedicated network to receive benefits.
Access to ID Cards
ID cards will be sent only if a change to your plan is made. 3 easy ways to get an ID Card:
  • Aetna Mobile App
  • Aetna Navigator
  • Call Aetna 877-767-5254
Meet ALEX!
Need help to decide which plan is right for you? ALEX is an online tool you can use to learn more about TRS-ActiveCare plan options.
ALEX can:
  • Help you compare plan options - Deductibles, coinsurance, out-of-pocket maximums.
  • Explain health benefit terms
  • Walk you through estimating tax savings if considering ActiveCare 1HD plans.
To meet ALEX click on
Teladoc – Also Available!
As a TRS-ActiveCare plan participant, you and your eligible dependents have 24/7/365 access to U.S. Board-Certified doctors and pediatricians by phone.
Get Started
  • Visit Teladoc online at and click on "Set Up Account."
  • Download the mobile app at
  • Text "Get Started" to 469-804-9917 for instructions on setting up your account
  • Call 1-855-Teladoc (835-2362) to set up your account by phone
Salary Deductions
  • Kilgore ISD does NOT deduct social security on professional employees
  • 7.7% is deducted for Teacher Retirement System (Retirement)
  • 0.65% is deducted for Teacher Retirement System Care (Retirement Ins)
  • Health Insurance, Section 125 (Cafeteria Plan) options and annuities (optional)
  • 1.45% for Medicare
  • Other Federal Income Tax as per W-4 form
  • Kilgore ISD offers direct deposit to any US bank
Leave Policies
  • Kilgore ISD offers State Leave (5 days) and Local Leave (5 days) annually.
  • Employees beginning employment after the commencement of school may have their leave prorated based on the number of days employed.
Other Local Benefits
As a full time / part time district employee, you and your immediate family members (i.e., spouse, dependent child) may attend district home athletic events free of charge. (This benefit does not include District playoff events)