Workers' Comp - Accident / Injury

An “Employee Report of Accident/Injury” form must be completed by the nurse for ALL accidents/injuries and promptly forwarded to Kristan Propes, HR Leaves Specialist, in the HR Department within 24 hours of the accident. 
When seeking medical treatment, you are required to inform the doctor and/or hospital that the injury is a Workers’ Compensation claim.  DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR PERSONAL INSURANCE CARD.  The use of your personal insurance only causes delays in the prompt payment of claims.  
The provider should file claims with:  
Tri-Star Risk Management
PO Box 2805 Clinton, IA  52733
Office (888) 285-6708 ext 2832    
Fax (214) 492-5691  
If prescriptions are given as a result of the injury, the following pharmacies will fill them at no charge to the employee: Brookshire’s, CVS, Walgreens, and Wal-Mart.  The employee must  tell the pharmacist the prescription is related to a Workers’ Compensation claim.  After verifying the claim, the pharmacy will fill the prescription.  
The employee is required to notify the HR Department promptly of all absences related to the injury.
The employee MUST have a full release from the doctor prior to returning to work. 
Workers' Comp Insurance Carrier:
Deep East Texas Self Insurance Fund (DETSIF)
P. O. Box 960 Jasper, Texas  75951
(800) 944-0859