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Drug Free Schools

Kilgore Independent School District Drug Free Schools Program PreK-12


The "Abuse Banish Curriculum" is a comprehensive Pre-K through 12 educational program. It is constantly evaluated and revised according to the needs of the students.  The program is age appropriate, developmentally based and involves the students in gaining factual information, developing peer leadership skills and building positive self concepts.


Kilgore ISD Objectives:

The students will:

  •  Say NO to drugs
  •  Make wise decisions
  •  Develop problem solving skills
  •  Develop leadership skills
  •  Develop positive self images
  •  Develop positive character traits
  •  Think critically
  •  Communicate effectively
  •  Develop positive relationships
  •  Develop healthy alternatives to drug use


KISD is committed to:

  •  A drug free school climate
  •  Establishing rules and policies prohibiting drugs or drug use on campuses
  •  Enforcing policies against drugs and drug use
  •  Implementing a comprehensive drug free prevention curriculum
  •  Reaching out to community for support and assistance
  •  Providing teachers and parents with drug awareness training


Programs at each campus are designed to provide activities and support in the areas of drug prevention, intervention, treatment and maintenance.


The district is committed to providing the support necessary to enable the district students to be drug free, and to provide programs for parent training in ways which may increase their viability as a parent.





We pledge:

To communicate with our children. That means not only transmitting but receiving. Truly listening. We pledge to respect their ideas and opinions even when they differ from ours. If we disagree, we will explain why and calmly try guiding them to the best of our abilities.

  • To respond to our children’s problems, rather than react to them.
  • To educate ourselves about drugs and their dangers so that we can, in turn, effectively impress upon our children why substances are bad for them.
  • To instruct our children in realistic terms how to turn down offers of substances.
  • To monitor our children’s moods, habits, attitudes and friendships, which will enable us to better recognize potential substance abuse and prevent it.
  • To help to build our children’s self-image; providing and promoting alternatives to chemicals; helping them feel grown-up in ways other than with drugs; teaching them how to confront problems instead of seeking escape through substances. All of the above are ways that parents can help to direct their kids toward drug-free lifestyles.
  • To confront youthful drug or alcohol crises quickly and calmly so that we can make informed, rational decisions that are in our children’s best interest.
  • To get counseling for ourselves if we have difficulty handling children’s substance dependency, so that we may be better able to help them recover.
  • To remember what it was like to be a child; never forgetting where we came from.

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