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Transfer Students

KISD Inter-District Transfer Admissions
According to KISD Board Policy, a nonresident student wishing to transfer into the district shall file an application for transfer with the Superintendent or designee prior to the year of which the transfer is requested. Any other requests shall be considered on a case-by-case basis.
In approving transfers, to be eligible for admission, a student shall meet the following criteria:
  • Passed all sections of the most recently administered state-mandated assessment
  • Successfully completed the coursework from the previous year
  • Not have a record of discipline problems
  • Have good attendance and be in compliance with the 90 percent attendance rule
  • Not create an overload of teacher-student ratio in a specific grade level
To be considered for approval, the parent and/or guardian need to agree and understand the following:
  • Submitting an application does not automatically guarantee acceptance and is contingent on the students’ prior records. Transfers are approved subject to available space.
  • Transfers are valid for one year ONLY and must be renewed every year.
  • Parents must assume transportation responsibilities for the transfer student. No bus transportation will be provided.
  • The transfer student must follow all rules and regulations of the District, including those for student conduct and attendance. Violation of the District’s rules and regulations may result in revocation of the transfer agreement.
If the student is accepted on a Probationary Status, he/she will be granted for one year and will be reviewed again at the end of the upcoming school year.