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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a working document. As the state releases new and updated guidance, answers will be adjusted to reflect those changes.

1.  When will students and staff return to school?  (7/17/20)
The first day of school for students is August 19, 2020. Teachers and staff will return on August 3, 2020, for professional development.
2.  Will KISD allow my student to be educated at home/virtually?  (7/17/20)
Yes, families will be able to choose an At-Home Learning Instructional Method for their students to be educated by remote learning beginning in the fall of 2020. The plan will not require students to attend On-Campus Instruction.   However, this At-Home Learning parent choice may limit and/or exclude extracurricular participation and maybe taught via a provided alternate online platform.
3.  Will KISD allow my student to return for on-campus instruction?  (7/17/20)
Yes, KISD believes there are numerous student emotional and educational advantages to an on-campus learning environment.  Therefore, provided our state and local governing entities deem it safe to do so, KISD will look to welcome back our students for the 2020-21 school year with on-campus instruction. 
4.  If parents choose either remote learning or on-campus instruction, can we switch during the school year?  (7/17/20)
Yes, however, parents are asked to commit to either At-Home or On-Campus Instruction for no less than the first 9 week grading period.  Parents may reevaluate their instructional choice and, if necessary, request a change in writing.
5.  Will KISD provide bus transportation?  (7/17/20)
Yes, KISD will provide bus transportation for on-campus instruction. However, services will be modified to ensure the safety of students.
6.  How will these options affect a student who receives special services?  (7/17/20)
KISD is reviewing options to best support students who receive special services, such as   Section 504, and those served by special education if they are part of the parent choice for  At-Home Learning.  Our goal is to ensure that all students receive the needed support based on their Individual Education Plan or 504 accommodations.
7.  How will this affect students who take Dual Credit classes at KHS?  (7/17/20)
Students will have the same opportunities to take dual credit courses.  Kilgore College will determine the instructional model.
8.  Will daily attendance be required to be counted present if they are learning remotely?  (7/17/20)
Attendance will be taken daily in both the On-Campus and At-Home Learning Model.  State attendance laws will still be in effect, 90% attendance is required.
9.  Will my child receive any direct interaction from a teacher (through Google Chat or Google  Meets) if they are attending remotely?  (7/17/20)
Yes.  Students will receive direct daily instruction and interaction with KISD teachers, unless they are enrolled in a dual credit course or alternative educational arrangements have been made.
10. Will elementary students be issued devices if they choose Remote-At-Home Learning? (8/3/2020)

No, elementary students will not be issued a device.  Parents must provide a device and internet service.

11. If I choose remote learning, will there be a specific schedule where my child will need to attend class? (8/3/2020)

YES. Students in grades PK-12 will have a daily schedule and must be in attendance by logging into the virtual classroom or completing assignments.  Elementary students will have a schedule that states the activities they will complete on their own and when to log in for live instruction with the teacher.

12. Will students be able to take all of the same courses remotely as they would on campus? (8/3/2020)

Most courses will be the same for both the On-Campus and At-Home instruction; however, some courses require hands on experiences that would require a learner to be on campus.  Currently, KHS is unable to offer the following courses remotely:

      • Yearbook/ Newspaper
      • Welding
      • Ag Mechanics
      • Floral Design Prin of Construction
      • Adv Construction
      • Prin of Architecture
      • Arch 2/3 Dual Credit Welding
      • Dual Credit Medical Terminology
      • Dual Credit Blueprint Reading/ Safety
      • Dual Credit Cosmetology
      • Boys/Girls Athletics
      • Hi-Steppers
      • Cheerleading
      • BIM II Games Design
      • Video Programming
      • Animation
      • Scoreboard

When possible, courses will be substituted with courses similar or equivalent curriculum and credit.

13. If I choose Remote-At-Home Learning for my elementary student will they have the same teacher if they return for On-Campus Learning? (8/3/2020)

             No, there are teachers who will be designated Remote-Learning Teachers, if your child returns to    

             On-Campus Instruction they will have a different teacher.