Snow Days Add One Minute to School Day

In January, students got two snow days to play in the winter weather.  After Spring Break, they'll stay in school one extra minute to help make up the difference.
In Texas, the school year is legally defined as lasting at least 75,600 minutes.  KISD always plans for just a little bit of extra time in case of things like late starts or even full snow days.  However, the storm in January meant that we have to make up a little extra time.  
Students return from Spring Break on March 20 for the last quarter of the 2017-2018 school year.  Beginning March 20, one minute will be added to the school day.  This will allow KISD to meet the legal requirements for a school year.
So, go ahead and start making plans ...  Beginning March 20, all KISD campuses will release students at 3:21.  Your student's bus routes will be about one minute later than normal.