KISD Plans to Make Up Bad Weather Days

I know you are all wondering how we are going to make up the days we lost due to inclement weather. We made up February 23 on February 27 which was a staff development day. We now have to make up a student day missed on February 25 and the February 27 staff development day. The original calendar had Memorial Day as a bad weather day. In hindsight, our calendar team has decided that was not a good idea. Therefore, we have been very creative with how we will make up our days to protect Good Friday and Memorial Day. This plan is not perfect, but it does allow us all to take those two days off. 
We will have an early dismissal day on April 2 for students. Employees will work a double day to make up for the February 27 staff development day by staying until 6:00 p.m. Your campus principals will lead each campus in a time of staff development. The student day will be made up on June 3 as a full day of school.The last day for students will be June 4 which will be an early release day for students and a double day again for employees working until 6:00 to get in the staff development day that was originally planned for all day on this day. 
I am sure this is very confusing, but I wanted to try and explain it the best way possible. I have also attached a copy of the calendar. As I said earlier, I know this is not perfect, but with the circumstances we were faced with this year I believe we have tried to make the most of it for each of you and our families. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Thank you for all you do to make this a great District!  
Cara Cooke,
Kilgore Independent School District